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Learn to love your body, invigorate your life, and live a sustainable healthy lifestyle –Once And For All

This isn’t about squeezing into a skimpy, red bikini.

Nor is it about starving yourself just to be able to buy a size zero black dress that looked so good on the airbrushed-to-‘perfection’ model.

And it definitely isn’t about trying to lose weight for the sake of losing weight. That never made anyone happy. (Cake, on the other hand, makes a lot of people happy.)

This? This is about invigorating your energy to explore the unknown outdoors instead of the familiar hug of the couch. Enjoying what you eat without stressing about the calories or having the same meal three nights in a row because you don’t know what else to cook. Grabbing life by the horns and doing what you want without the constant body hang-ups. Having the confidence to look in the mirror and think, damn, I look chipotle levels of hot. (Yes, it really is possible!)

This is about a life enriched with excitement for the years ahead, not longing for the years behind.

But more than anything, it is about celebrating change. Our homes, relationships, careers, and decisions change, so why would we expect our bodies to be any different? Plus, we all know wrinkles are just a sign of a life well laughed, which is 100% a good thing. Change isn’t something to be afraid of, it’s something to embrace. With an open mind and a healthy appetite. I see you eyeing those donuts…

At the end of the day, age is just a number. And YOU, well, you’re much more than a number on a birthday card or a number on a scale.

So why focus on numbers when you could focus on feelings?  

That’s where I come in…

Hi! I’m Luisa. Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN), Wellness Coach, Certified FASTer Way To Fat Loss Coach, Italian food worshipper & Foodie (it’s all good 😋), mountain lover, and super fan of superhero movies.

I’m here to help you feel seriously good about yourself, whatever your age, weight, body shape, shoe size, or taste in music. Whether that be guidance on preparing your body for changes pre-menopause, managing your weight as you make friends with the menopause, or making sustainable healthy food choices post-menopause. I’ll stop saying the word menopause now. (Before you ask, yep, I’m there with you too.)

In my 20s I didn’t have to worry one iota about my weight. Then, two kids later, I hit my 30s and it was a slightly different story after that. You know how it goes. As my metabolism slowed down, my weight crept up. And up. Until I’d put on 45 lbs and settled under a dark cloak of crappiness.

Not only did my energy evaporate to the point where I couldn’t even keep up with the kids on family outings, my self-esteem took a total nose dive. My clothes didn’t fit any more and – full disclosure – that made me feel sad, out of control, and a downright failure. The nagging voice in the back of my head would always be saying: “if only you could lose those stubborn extra fat and inches”. (I bet you know the voice I mean…)

I’d be the first to raise my hand to try the next life-changing diet, only to find out that life-changing diet = crazy gimmick. Yeah, I’m talking about that less than 1000 calories a day – never eat another carb again type baloney. Even if I lost weight, after doing a little happy dance (not too much or I’d be out of breath), I’d pile it right back on. Sometimes even more than I’d lost! And my body composition was not better and perhaps even worse.

How’s that for logic? The sad fact was, I wasn’t giving my body the respect it deserved, the foods it wanted for the right reasons, or the exercise it needed.

And when menopause came along, it made managing all of this ten times harder. Thanks a bunch, Mother Nature!

I wanted to fall in love with my body again, but for that to happen, my body needed to love me back.

It’s one thing to say ‘you should love your body whatever it looks like’ and another to actually feel it. So I started obsessing over learning what it really needed from me.

The answer? Real whole food for the RIGHT REASONS at the RIGHT TIME with intentional exercise.

Simple concepts, not so simple to put into practice. Gradually, I understood that health wasn’t about cutting the calories, it was about choosing the right foods and living a sustainable lifestyle. And fitness wasn’t about dripping with sweat for 2 hours a day, it was about consistent smart and effective movement. I sent my excess weight packing, I no longer opened the fridge to find stress perched on a plate for dinner, and I started participating in life again, instead of watching it stroll right by. Mountain hikes… traveling to Italy… even weight training! (That one is sooo KEY for women at our stage of life.)

If you asked me why I went back to school in my early 40s to study for a masters in nutrition and become a Registered Dietitian, I’d say this: Because I didn’t want any other woman to feel the same discomfort in her own skin as I did. You don’t need another diet or weight-loss gimmick or magazine telling you to ‘quit eating carbs’ and you don’t need to feel like menopause is the kiss goodbye to a body you feel good about.

You just need to put your trust in science.

That’s exactly what I’m trained in. So…

If you want to lose your excess fat and live a healthy sustainable lifestyle, I can help.

If you want to feel fitter, I can help.

If you want to know what foods to eat at the right time for the right reasons, I can help.

Moderation without deprivation. Progress NOT perfection.

Variety without overwhelm.

Enjoyment without sacrifice.

Balance. Balance. Balance.

Fact: I cannot eat carrot sticks and lettuce all day and feel happy, menopause or no menopause. My bet is, you can’t either. That’s why I created Living Well With Luisa and why I became a Certified FASTer Way To Fat Loss®️ coach. So you can maintain a sustainable healthy lifestyle no matter what your age, fall in love with your body again, and have her love you back.

Luisa M