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Hitting anything beyond 50 doesn’t mean you’re ‘past it.’

Menopause isn’t a sign that the good life is packing a suitcase and saying Ciao!

Life is not one big tumble downhill from where you are. Promise.

Sure, the days of eating what you want and not worrying about your waistline may be behind you, but the days of energetic adventure, easy as (apple) pie food choices, and walk-in-the-room-like-you-own-it confidence are still ahead. Who says being over 50 means you have to play on life’s sidelines instead of rollicking in the middle of it? Plus, we all know the wine gets better with age. Be like wine.

Whether you’ve not yet reached menopause or you’ve already suffered embraced the hot flashes, I can highly recommend the FASTer Way To Fat Loss® as the answer to your diet dilemmas, fitness frustrations, and health hopes. I’m Luisa McClure, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified FASTer Way Coach specializing in helping women 50+ make healthier food and effective fitness choices without scrapping everything that tastes good or advising portion sizes fit for a flea. (What can I say? I come from an Italian family. Deprivation is so not my style.)

So if the thought of eating one more piece of celery makes you want to scream…

Or your default piece of clothing is a well-worn pair of yoga pants because nothing else in your closet fits…

Or you don’t have 2 hours every day to work out like a Jane Fonda superfan…

You’re in the right place.



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Client Love

Thank you Luisa! I feel confident again!

When I hit my late 40s, my unhealthy eating started to really show on my waistline. Since then, I tried many different diets but nothing stuck long-term. I’ve even tried one of those popular “drop 10 lbs fast” replacement food plan. Another huge disappointment! There was nothing appetizing about cardboard food in ridiculously small portions. I was happy to finally meet Luisa.  With her guidance, I’ve learned how to eat real food in a balanced healthy way. It’s something I can stick to that’s satisfying, enjoyable and delicious.
I’m finally getting back on the right track!
Thank you so much!

Janet S.

Luisa's help and advice rejuvenated me!

I’ve struggled with yo-yo dieting and my weight for years. This has made me much more aware of what I’m eating. The weight is finally coming off…

Maria B.

I've never been so happy!

I’ve got much more energy since I reset the way I eat. Using this method to balance out different foods in a healthy way has helped me cut my cravings. I never feel like I’m starving…

Gene M.

I truly appreciate all my clients’ kind words. I continuously strive to make it a wonderful journey for all the amazing women that seek my guidance.
 I’ve used these light-hearted retro photos to represent the awesome women I’ve been privileged to help achieve their healthy goals. I hope you love these flashback pics as much as I do!

Live Your Healthiest & Best Life At Any Age

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